October Weekend Sessions – Friday 13th Spookiness

The weekend sessions in Bow Lane will be an escape from the fear that the 13th brings. Bow Lane will be hopping with some of Dublin’s finest DJ talent kicking off the night from an earlier time and our new winter cocktails list to feed that other fear.

#ThisMustBeThePlace Friday 13th…

…and our first DJ is on at 6pm for after-work shenanigans where you can get freaked outta it with Dave “Youcancallme Sal” Salacious, “It’ll be a slaughter house of divine tracks!”

The Fear is Real…but we’ve a sweet solution.

Leave the cabin for Bow Lane and get a comfort blanket in the shape of one of our new jam-based cocktails: we’ve three for you to try: “Medicinal Marmalade”, “Fresh Quince of Bel-Air” and “A Goose from the Flames” they’re jammy little dodgers!

Warming the cockles of your heart!

Our new list also includes some winter warming hot cup cocktails to toast you all over, they include: “Bow Lane Hot Cup”, “Ginger Zinger”, “Satin and Silk” and “The Easy Peeler”

Bow Lane Brunch…

…from Gavin McDonagh. One of Dublin’s own most celebrated chefs is now in Bow Lane so get his take on brunch including this Breakfast Boudin with crispy-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-middle hen’s egg. Every Saturday & Sunday from 10am

Dinner every night…

…at Bow Lane. A date-night haven of delicious cocktails and modern Irish food in our restaurant, soon with it’s own entrance so you can avoid the hoi-polloi and live it up in luxury! Early Bird and A la Carte every evening from 5pm