christmas drag brunch

Christmas Drag Brunch

Like euro store cheap tack that hangs around the bottom of the wardrobe until you find just the right frenemy to gift it to, some things just can’t be returned! And we’ve a corker for you this Sunday!

It’s the cheapest show in town! Think fire sale plastic baubles, see through tinsel and lots and lots of flashing lights put up way too early! You have an exclusive invite (along with anyone else who’s reading this) to Christmas Drag Brunch at Bow Lane! It’s when Xmas begins!

We’ve really scraped the bottom of the euro deals barrel to bring you your Sunday dose of cheap tack, disco tunes, bad language and ritual humiliation. Hosted by the ghost of Bey’s past DJ @Devina Devine ably assisted by a bunch of Santa’s helpers right off the set of Wentworth. There’s @Dolly Grip taking time out from More Street market where she sells her second-hand stockings (make sure you wash them first before putting up for Santa); @Sophia Harte (she’s a real elf) and of course the Grinch herself @Mizza Queerius (she’s not really a grinch, but she’s usually a little green on a Sunday).

Enjoy a delicious brunch from Chef @Gavin McDonagh washed down by the best craft cocktails in Dublin from 3pm to 6pm. Brunch tables can be booked from 2:15pm or just come on down and join in with the crack over a pint!

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